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"A Person Is Only As Powerful As Their Beliefs And Convictions. The Call To Greatness Is Built Within." - Unknown

You're Invited To Explore How Members Become More In Life, Wealth, Health, And Freedom

Mastermind Credo


We must commit to achieve excellence while maintaining integrity, honesty, trust, and respect.


We shall adhere to a higher moral and ethical code that exceeds the minimum requirements set forth by our local and federal laws.


We must demonstrate a clear priority for affecting positive change in our family, and our life, over the accumulation of wealth.


We shall strive to contribute towards a higher level of communication that promotes free thinking without oppression.


We must always treat others with respect and honor, free from discrimination, regardless of their race, gender, religion, politics, national origin, or physical condition.


We shall be generous with our knowledge and resources to contribute to the positive progression of the mastermind.


We will give our fellow mastermind members the benefit of the doubt, free from judgment, to strengthen and promote trust within our social and business mastermind communities.


We must be willing to graciously accept the mistakes of others.


We shall teach and mentor others in the success, mindset, and wealth principles of the mastermind.


Above all, we must practice the golden rule - treat others better than you want to be treated - and show love and respect for our fellow mastermind members.

- Jamar James & DCG Council

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