What if You Could Exceed Market Rates of Return, Eliminate Market Risk, and Quickly Raise Capital at Scale?

What if You Could Exceed Market Rates of Return, Eliminate Market Risk, and Quickly Raise Capital at Scale?

Are You Ready To Become Elite?

Mentorship With DCG.

Generate Superior Institutional-Grade Risk-Adjusted Investment Performance, and Become Your Own Bank...

FULL DISCLAIMER: The following opportunity is not for everyone. It's not for those who are new to trading. There are considerable financial criteria that need to be met. But if you qualify, you'll be working personally with me to break into a high level of independent trading, and leave the retail mindset behind—forever.

DCG Elite will bring together a select group of traders to join me on the moves that I CAN NOT (in some cases by SEC law) release to the public.

As a DCG Elite member working directly with me and my team,

you will join me in Accredited Investor Status:

  • Join an Elite DCG Private Group collaborating in the DEFI space with potential returns like you've never seen.

  • Leverage collective NFT moves, researched and reviewed by the DCG Elite Private Team.

  • Get the chance to master all markets and partner with me on trades and real life investments.

  • Receive Personal, 1-on-1 coaching from me once a month.

  • Take trades with other elite members or by yourself.

  • DCG will walk you through the trader transformation program.

  • Communicate daily in a private whats app of moves being made daily.

  • Network and build priceless relationships with others at the Elite level.

  • Gain access to crypto opportunities exclusively reserved for the elite!

  • And much more.


Get a FREE copy of the book when you upgrade to the BEST VALUE! package. It includes the accompanying masterclass at over 85% off and a free 45 minute strategy session with Ben Summers! (Ben's billable rate is $975 per hour; the masterclass & bonuses are a $3,360 value!)

A personal letter from Jamar James:

If you’re reading this right now, you already know my story.

As the original founder of DCG, I’ve built a team that created a Mastermind of traders, unlike anything that’s ever been done before. We’ve become an authority in the crypto space, while simultaneously covering stocks, options, futures, and forex.

DCG members have learned to trade the markets in ways that let them achieve the financial freedom that they thought was out of their reach. I never get tired of hearing members tell me how good it finally felt to tell their boss at their old jobs, “I’m done.”

Our members' success stories are what drives me to not only keep going…

…but to takes things into a whole new dimension.

And that's why I’m writing this letter.

Because that new dimension is here.

But before I get to that, I need to emphasize one crucial point:

The original DCG Mastermind will continue to evolve. The value that members get will forever remain at the highest level. I’ve had people tell me that the Wednesday Night Profit Call alone is worth the monthly membership fee. And I will always be available in the chats teaching live classes.

With that said…

As DCG has grown and evolved, I’ve had members ask me for more.

They want to know how to get to my level...sooner rather than later.

They want to work and partner directly with more elite traders.

It's been a long time in the making, but that opportunity is here.

DCG Elite Will Propel Members Into The Same Financial Advantages Enjoyed By The Ultra-High Net Worth Players.

I’ve received messages from DCG members looking to make moves with serious capital, and voice the concern that they’re not comfortable discussing certain topics within the current Mastermind chat.

Like our PLAN B..

It became obvious to me that those who are ready to trade and work DIRECTLY with me deserve an avenue to do so.

So DCG Elite was born.

DCG Elite will take the power of a Mastermind even further, transforming each member into a high-performance trader, profiting from high volume opportunities that are only made possible through our collective buying power.

I'm talking 5,6, and 7-figure moves.

But enough talking. I'm not trying to “sell” anyone on this.

You know if you're ready for DCG Elite or not. This is only available by invite to members of the mastermind.

So let’s just look at what’s involved.

DCG Elite: Join The Ranks Of The Top 1%

Of Crypto Masterminds In The World.

As a member of DCG Elite, working with me, you will be part of my small inner circle team.

The trading done in the elite is designed to allow you to trade all markets with me.

Some of the investments, some of the trades I take, I do not share with the public.

Within this elite environment, you will have access to each move!

Actually, each member will:

  • Take part in super elite trades, vetted by myself and my team

  • Access invite-only opportunities to participate in elite investments shared amongst members. (real estate, start-ups, IPO, and alternative business ventures)

  • Leverage the collective purchasing power of the syndicate to access unique and restricted investments, high returns, and high net worth-level diversification.

  • Special invites to our in person sessions during the year.

  • Get full transparency: access to DCG elite trading opportunities.

  • Access our Private Network for all of your special needs.

  • Have your trades personally reviewed by me.

  • Get monthly, in-depth 1-on-1 calls with me.

  • Submit trades which you want to partner with me on

  • Learn how to use leveraged trading to take your buying power to the next level.

  • Life-Changing Mindset Analysis and Mindset Training Twice A Week

  • Learn how to utilize Decentralized Finance to invest as a group

  • Ask questions you would be afraid to ask elsewhere

Early NFT Plays That Will Make Bored Apes Look Like Kid's Stuff...

NFT Plays That Make Bored Apes Look Like Kids' Stuff...

As the NFT space continues to soar in popularity and potential, we'll be applying the DCG Elite methodology to harness the collective buying power that will blow away anything that's been achieved so far.

As a group, we'll be able to sweep the floor early on solid projects and then resell NFTs at massive profits.

We'll be pioneers in the Metaverse and in Digital Real Estate...being early on opportunities in the likes of which have never been seen before.

A few years from now, when most people will be wishing they took these areas more seriously, we will literally gain the NEW MONEY.

I will personally see to it that our group becomes one of the "whales" in this new space. And the income potential here is beyond anything that most retail traders even think is possible.

DCG Elite: A Whole New Lifestyle

"Every game has principles that successful players master to achieve winning results. So does life."

-Ray Dalio

Aside from the unprecedented crypto opportunities, DCG Elite will be moving into total financial freedom.

As a member, you’ll learn the concept of becoming your own bank. Learn how to mitigate risk in banking yourself with Multisig Wallets, as well as the tools to teach your family how to secure your funds and prepare for the unexpected.

DCG Elite Members will attend an annual, in-person training event. We'll come together to celebrate, learn, and continually redefine our life goals.

You will also gain access to a private “Plan B” foreign contact that—if need be— will help you gain/establish residency outside the U.S. (That's as much detail as I can give here.)

In short, DCG Elite will be taking people and pulling the veil back and showing how the wealthy have been living and operating.

Nepotism at its finest. Only now, WE will be the operators.


If you're still reading right now, you're still on the fence. So let me cut right to what you're probably wondering...

Membership in DCG Elite will be an annual fee of $12,000.

To be honest, I’m not even sure what I would ACCURATELY price this opportunity at. I’d say at least $50K. But if you know anything about me, it’s that I attribute much of my success to OVER-DELIVERING value and my “no one left behind” ethos from my days in the Marines.

Like I've already said, this membership is not suitable for everyone. And there's nothing wrong if you're not ready yet.

DCG Elite is for those looking to take the next step,work with me directly, and if the price point just through you off, it may be a sign that this investment is too much at the time.

And while I make no guarantees, I'm pretty confident that it won't take long until our environment in DCG Elite ROI's what you paid to join ;)

“Those who are successful overcome their fears and take action.

Those who aren’t submit to their fears and live with regrets.”

– Jay-Z

If you're ready to work with me and want more guidance/support in your trading...

If you have capital ready to work with and simply need certain doors opened to you...

If you're ready for the financial communities that the uber-wealthy have been enjoying for decades...

Your time is now. This is when we become the new money.

Don't let fear keep you sidelined. We're at a turning point in history that will redefine what money is...and who has access to it. No matter what happens in the world or in the economy, we must secure our families and legacies.

DCG Elite is turning the formerly-hunted...

...into the hunters. And we're ALL gonna eat.

Become a founding member of DCG Elite.

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Jamar James

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