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Are You Struggling With Trading and Feeling Frustrated?
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I want to give a shout out to 2 of my favorite instructors Beast Mode Brandon and Mike's Crypto & Forex within the DCG mastermind. With there help, resources, tools, strategies and coaching I can confidently call winning trades and extract money out of the markets. If your starting your trading journey and want to learn more on becoming a independent trader with a mastermind behind you then I recommend joining the DCG tradeschool with Mike and Jamar James.




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At one point my wife told me to stop trading and get a job because it was taking too long to figure out the "day trading thing."

My kids told me I was fat and out of shape and dad looks swollen.

All my old friends disappeared as I was learning how to trade.

Your journey in trading is not going to be easy. Many struggle for years trying to figure it out on their own.

They are confused, they don't know who to trust, none of their strategies work, they win a few trades and their profits are wiped out in the one trade they lose.

In the process of trading, they don't just lose money, they lose time, and they lose hope and the confidence they started with.

It's crazy how much folks continue to struggle, how much time they spend, how many relationships they ruin, and how much they neglect or ruin their family, because of ego, pride, and their quest to become profitable traders.

The truth is, they don't have to struggle through this if they just had some 1-on-1 help.

It's been my experience, traders will get overwhelmed seeing others (who appear to) win. You will question what you're doing wrong, you see folks' screenshots, and think, why haven't I figured this out already?

If you think you are doing something wrong,

You are.


As a day trader, the DCG Trade School and DCG as a whole has changed my life by allowing me to see that all my dreams can come true this late in the game. And you can't get any better than that! The overall experience was the best I've ever encountered as far as the care i felt.

- Sharleta



Phase 1 - Foundational Learning

Getting started, understanding the assets and being able to take trades in any market - new mastermind discovery and foundation!

Phase 2 - Implementing Custom Trading Strategy

Gain Taking trades, forecasting the direction of the markets, and able to trade successful and profit - clarity stage, trader level

Phase 3 - Producing Profit and Leverage Trading

Able to confidently trade, profit and make money from anywhere with a strategy that is now your own - pro level trading your funds and able to trade others funds

Phase 4 - Trading Business

Able to make a living off a trading and able to share your strategy and system with others, able to help other masterminds confidently be profitable. - Expert trader and leveraging mastermind relationships


Hi. I am Crystal Mendoza and I trade Stock Options, and FOREX Currencies. Impressive is an understatement when describing my DCG Trade School experience. I was amazed at the friendly and all-inclusive learning environments, access to master traders, weekly mindset calls, and the comprehensive trading plan that included resources and tools. Also we traded as a group daily for practice and hands-on learning. This compact trading course over delivers and under promises. Overall DCG ELITE has equipped me with a solid foundation in trading, boosted my confidence and increased my social currency network. Now I have unlimited options and more control over my life.


My name is Stephanie Nero and I have been a member of DCG Mastermind since April 2022. Someone ask me one day, "What's with that DCG and that guy you always talk about? The question startled me for a second. But what came from my mouth next was simply I found a place where there is a common bond. We are people who truly want to succeed for our families, and share with our friends and strangers who are interested in striving for a better future. Jamar James has developed a platform of resources facilitated by a cohesive team of individuals that are diverse in both digital currency and trading. I am not where I want to be today, but I'm so proud of who I have become because of DCG and all it has to offer. What I have learned so far and knowing how much more I can achieve, there's no stopping me. And knowing that people like Brandon Harbaugh (BEASTMODE) and Jamar and the DCG family is my cheering squad I can't lose. There's just no way.


The class was excellent. The instructors is patient and answers all questions. The live teaching is very motivating. The class got me to see and plan my future. I'm a new trader(never traded), so I'm still learning on what type of trader I want to master.

My name is Jamar James, I am a professional trader and a professional trading coach.

I have been running a trading mastermind for the last 7 years. I have worked with, been around, and have helped hundreds of real traders break through barriers.

We trade in person together, we meet up in person, and we share alpha. Our goal for our traders is to break free of any constraints holding them back. I have seen firsthand those that struggle to figure it out. I know what it takes, and how they did it.

I want to help traders transform into profitable, consistent traders with a high quality of life.

The truth is, if you get into trading, you should have more time, more financial freedom, and, most of all, be clear on what you're doing wrong.

The main problem is, traders can't grow in isolation.

They never figure out what they are doing wrong.

With all these courses, free information, and trading groups, you will spend years going through all this information and still be lost, because it's not customized to help you experience a breakthrough.

The trading industry is designed to have you sort through all the indicators, the trading lingo, and paid one-time courses to confuse you.

The truth, every trader's journey is different and unique.

Imagine that.

Your problems are the same, the breakthroughs are unique. Some folks need a few tweaks, others need a complete overhaul of what they are doing.

I see traders consistently consuming free information, searching, trying, joining groups, and looking for the holy grail in trading.

And what they really need is clarification in their trading.

They need direction with a few tweaks and a customized plan that will allow them to make the right changes for them.

At the end of the day, it's hard to customize and monetize a real trader's time.Most traders that figured it out, don't have time to help another trader.

My long-term vision is to be surrounded by great traders that save me time in the long run. If I help the traders experience their breakthroughs, they are grateful, and then join my "trading mastermind."

So selfishly, I am taking out some time for a few traders this month, and going to provide them with a customized plan, and steps to take so "they have a specific" plan on what they need to do to break through obstacles in their trading and in life.

I call this the Trader Transformation process.

For any trader to have a breakthrough, it's a mental tweak.

Your plan, your transformative solution, should be customized for you, your lifestyle, and your family. No two traders are alike.

That is why signal groups can only get you so far.

That is why you are lost when you take a course.

You need to be able to apply strategies around your lifestyle.

You're independent in these markets. I don't care what anyone tells you. You hit the buy or sell button, but the truth is you are different, you have different thoughts, different emotions, different risk tolerances, etc.

You are unique, you think differently, and this acknowledgment is what is required for your breakthrough. You need unique solutions to help you optimize your time in the market.

I don't like watching good people struggle.

It's possible to make money, to have more time in the markets, and yes breakthrough happens in trading with a few tweaks for everyone.

You need to experience the mastermind experience, but before you do, the Trader Transformation process is something I developed that will help traders break through any trading roadblocks.

And no, it's not another course. We start with "some discovery work" to help you pinpoint your roadblocks, then we hop on a 1- hour plus call to touch on every problem point, to help identify exactly what you have to do to break through.

This process has been the most effective call for traders I work with. When they go through this process on a 1-on-1 call.

But... It requires time; your time and my time.

I am limited on time, and truthfully, I only want to talk to folks that are serious.This process requires honesty. It requires openness and it requires real communication.And for men, being one, I hate when my wife asks me to talk...

If you are serious, if you are ready to communicate, then it's time.

If you need more courses, need to watch another video, or join a few more signal groups before taking action, I understand, this may not be for you.

I want to have this transformative breakthrough experience for those ready to make this money and then come on a journey with other free traders.

I am a successful trader. I trade live. I can take live trades on the call with you, but it does nothing for you if you are not able to do this independently.

I don't need to show you a $200k trade, or my bank account, or bank statements. I've been living free and taking live trades for the last 7 years.

My goal is to help folks save time, become independent traders, and give them the confidence and clarity that they need to be independent.

When that happens, they say I am the real deal when they break through, and they normally join my mastermind of traders.

So I want to offer you this...

I want to take you through a Trader Transformation call, customized for you!

You will commit to going through the trader transformation survey, schedule a call with me, and we will break down your breakthrough process.

This offer is not for everyone, I have limited time, so I am offering 1 call a day out of my schedule after the market closes.

Only evening calls are available, and I am only taking 10 calls for the rest of the month, and best of all...

I am offering you a 100% refundable deposit, you will place a deposit down to schedule the call, which is 100% refundable if you find that the Trader Transformation was a waste of your time, and the call does not provide you with any transformative information.

Trading should transform your life for the better, so many traders end up in a negative space, I want to give a few traders the light, and sometimes all it takes is a little one-on-one with the right direction, strategy, and effort.

I will meet 10 traders this month and do everything in my power to help them change their life this year.

I look forward to going on this Trader Transformation journey with you!

You will have a breakthrough.

You will have a plan going forward.

You will know exactly what you need to be a profitable and consistent traderWe will customize your transformation, based on your participation in every step of the Trader Transformation Process.

Reserve 1 of the 10 spots for the month before they are gone, RSVP time below.







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